Thanks so much for your support!

Elections, especially local elections, matter! We need leaders who will fight for the benefit of everyone and not just the few. That is why I can only accept unto $50 per individual (not corporation, organization, or business) no matter where you live.

I know money can be tight, especially for people like me and my friends, but please consider giving the max $50 contribution. You don’t have to live in Berkeley to donate, but Berkeley contributions will be matched 6:1 by the city.

If you’d like to donate by check please make it out to the following

Greg Magofna for Berkeley City Council 2018
1931 Dwight Way Apt 4
Berkeley, CA 94704

Berkeley Residents

In order to qualify for the public-financing match, I need you to download and fill out this form. You can either mail it to me or take a photo or scan–but the thing is you must sign it by hand. By Post: 1931 Dwight Way Apt 4, Berkeley, CA 94704 By Email:


Address. By CA law, you must use a street address with your donation.

Employer & Occupation. If retired, enter “retired”. If self-employed, enter “self-employed” and the city of business. If a student, enter “student”.

Contribution rules.

  1. I am at least eighteen years old.
  2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  3. I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.
  4. I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
If you have trouble, you can donate on the Donorbox site here.