Community Endorsements

*Titles for identification purposes only, underlined = D4 resident

Greg will be a strong and positive advocate for social and economic justice issues on the Council.
Loni Hancock

Former State Senator & Assemblymember

Greg has the most experience in working cooperatively with City government to implement high-impact initiatives. He is deeply committed to a green, sustainable Berkeley.
Tom Bates

Former Berkeley Mayor & State Assemblymember

Greg Magofna will provide the leadership and partnership with both City Council and city staff that is needed to forge good policy. He will stand up for the Downtown area and its constituents, particularly people struggling to afford Berkeley. District 4 deserves a representative who shows up, values evidence over ideology, and can help the City address our housing crisis.
Lori Droste

Berkeley City Councilmember

  • Susan Wengraf, Berkeley City Councilmember
  • Darryl Moore, Berkeley City Councilmember (Retired)
  • Michael Caplan, Berkeley Economic Development Manager (Retired)
  • Jonathan Morris, UCB Graduate Assembly President
  • Nicole Drake, Rent Board Member (Retired)
  • Kathy Crandall, Berkeley Loan Administration Board Chair, Landmarks Preservation Commissioner
  • Elisa Batista, Children, Youth, and Recreation Commission Vice Chair
  • Darrell Owens, Housing Advisory Commissioner
  • Alfred Twu, Zero Waste Commissioner
  • Deborah Matthew, Zoning Adjustment Boardmember, Housing Commissioner, Planning Commissioner (Former)
  • Ben Gould, Community Environmental Advisory Commission Vice Chair (Retired)
  • Anna Avellar, Animal Care and Waterfront Commissioner (Retired)
  • Melissa Male, President of the Board of Directors, the Center for Independent Living (the CIL)
  • Niels Teunis, Chaplain
  • Angela Jernigan, Minister
  • Fran Moore, UC Davis Assistant Professor
  • Tara Kawata, Senior-Service Manager
  • Juli-An Julian, Shelter Plus Care Recipient
  • Jim Oki, Retired Small Business Owner
  • Chris Oki, Retired — Community Volunteer
  • Libby Lee-Egan, Neighborhood Organizer
  • Chris Lee-Egan, Neighborhood Organizer
  • Carolyn Delfino, High School Teacher
  • Mallory McDaniel, Student
  • Anna Present, SFSU
  • Mary Ann Furuichi, Retired
  • Anne Marxer
  • Chris Heine
  • Jeanne Quirit
  • Siciliana Trevino
  • Yeon Soo Kim
  • Chris Hyun
  • Joel Moalem
  • Beth Gerstein
  • Tomasso Sciortino
  • Milo Trauss
  • Ruth Ichinaga
  • Cole Yoshida
  • Margo Takemiya
  • Fred Takemiya
  • David Ying
  • Jill Shiraki
  • Wilbur Obata
  • Camille Obata
  • Nicole Drake
  • Liat Zavodivker
  • Karen Sugiyama
  • Aaron Eckhouse
  • Eoin O’Farrell
  • Christopher Brown
  • Joey Maxey
  • Wenpei Chou
  • Erica Varize
  • Dylan Verner-Crist

Greg earned his endorsement because of his deep experience with the city advancing strategies to tackle climate change, housing, and transportation.  We are impressed with his focus on promoting bicycle transit via bike safety strategies; his plan to deploy electric vehicle charging for existing buildings; and his emphasis on avoiding local displacement by pushing for new affordable housing in all parts of the city.

Magofña is pro-tenant and he understands that in the era of climate change, we desperately need more housing in urban areas near transit to help curb suburban sprawl.