(June 1, 2022)

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that I am ending my campaign for Berkeley City Council. My roommate is moving within the year and I am now priced out. 

This shock came about 2 wks ago after telling him Berkeley’s median home selling price in April was $1.9 mil, and the median home price is $1.56 in the district. Those facts broke both of us. He told me that working a high-paying, stressful job just to afford housing and save to buy something one day was too much and he wanted to move back home. And I wondered if my advocacy all these years was accomplishing anything at all or if I even have a future here. 

I support his decision to leave the Bay Area, but that left the question of what I would do, whether to continue the campaign, and my future. It’s been weighing on me heavily. After much time, thought, and discussion w family and close friends, I’ve decided to end my campaign.

I’ve explored options and none make sense. As a 38 year old director at a nonprofit, I don’t want a random roommate in an overpriced rental. I also cannot afford a 1 bedroom in the district, let alone in the entire city, without struggling and, at this point in my life, I will not.

My experience is not unique. I luckily have the mobility and resources to avoid overcrowded housing, long commutes, and homeless. But so many do not, and those are the people we need to fight for. Not those who are already comfortable.

The status quo is not progress and it is not progressive, and I have not been afraid to stand up to this powerful status quo and call them out on their lip service to progressive values. We need to make real changes now for both our community and for the planet!

Thank you to the state and local electeds, community and student leaders, neighbors, friends, and activists here and across the country who’ve endorsed, donated, and offered to volunteer to help me fight to create more housing and livable communities. 

I spoke with the City Clerk and since I haven’t reached the point where I was ready to spend money, I will be refunding all donations. I want to thank everyone for helping me reach half of my funding goal in a few short weeks. While I’ll be giving the money back, I’ll keep the excitement, support, and belief in real change with me.

This was not an easy decision. I’ve been putting off announcing because it makes it real. Once again. Thank you for all your support. 

a housing advocate who got priced out
(June 1, 2022)


We need solutions now and representation from people who are pro-housing, pro-climate, and pro-Berkeley values. I’m running to live up to the values of a diverse, equitable, and climate-conscious city that welcomes and is accessible to everyone.

Berkeley District 4
Central + Downtown Berkeley + N. Shattuck