My Priorities

Berkeley is past the point where rather than reacting to and fighting change, we need to think proactively and decide who we want to be now as the housing and climate emergencies are here. We also have to think about who we want to be as a city in five years, in ten years, and into the future as we are already in a situation where we’ve lost and continue to lose teachers, nonprofit workers, artists, college grads, and just plain regular people are competing with the rich for housing and losing. Berkeley is full of wonderful people, opportunities, and culture that should be as available to all today as it was just 20 years ago.

Let’s take a stand against social and environmental injustices by working towards a community that is accessible to the people who live, work, and study here. Let’s also take care of our community and make sure our public goods — sidewalks, roads, parks, and services — are well-maintained and work for everyone.


I’m committed to a Berkeley that is affordable, sustainable, and that invests in itself. I’m committed to a Berkeley that works for you.

Build the Housing We Desperately Need at All Income Levels

Provide New Housing Opportunities for Teachers, Artists, and Others who Live, Work or Study in Berkeley

Protect Renters

Work Regionally to Address Homelessness

Keep Berkeley a Leader in the Fight for Climate Change

Implement Vision Zero and Safe Routes to School Principles and Projects

Prioritize Children, Seniors, Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Wheelchair Users, and Other Rollers in Infrastructure Upgrades

Fix and Maintain the Streets and Sidewalks

Keep Our Community Safe and Invest in Alternatives to Armed Enforcement where Appropriate to Let Our Police Officers Focus on Serious and Violent Crime

Support Parks, Arts, and Historical Preservation