My Priorities

Berkeley is at a pivotal point where rather than reacting to and fighting change, we need to think proactively and decide who we want to be as a city in five years, in ten years, and into the future. We are in an untenable situation where teachers, nonprofit workers, artists, college grads, and just plain regular people are competing with the rich for housing and losing. This has rippling effects as people are forced to live farther away from job centers and have to rely more on car trips to get to work or even to other means of transit. Let’s take a stand against social and environmental injustices by working towards a community that is accessible to the people who live, work, and study here. Let’s also take care of our community and make sure our public goods — sidewalks, roads, parks, and services — are well-maintained and work for everyone.


I’m committed to a Berkeley that is affordable, sustainable, and that invests in itself. I’m committed to a Berkeley that works for you.

Build the Housing We Desperately Need at All Income Levels

  • Implement the voter-approved transit-oriented Downtown Plan, which provides guidance for market-rate housing with affordable housing on site or payments to the Housing Trust Fund (in addition, developers pay for street repairs and open-space improvements) Downtown
  • Allow gentle density in the neighborhoods while preserving neighborhood character through ADUs, subdivision of large single-family homes, and small-scale housing models like duplexes or townhomes
  • Partner with public agencies, nonprofits, and unions to finance and construct permanently-affordable housing near transit

Provide New Housing Opportunities for Teachers, Artists, and Others who Live, Work or Study in Berkeley


  • Establish a new rent-to-own program for low- and moderate-income people who live, work, or study in Berkeley
  • Provide homeownership opportunities through limited-equity land trusts and co-ops
  • Allow the Emergency Rental Assistance Fund to also be used for move-in assistance (first-month, last-month, and deposit costs) for low- and moderate-income Berkeley residents and workers

Protect Renters

  • Implement policies that would reserve a portion of new affordable housing to current Berkeley residents and workers at risk of displacement
  • Work with our State representatives to strengthen just-cause eviction protections and prohibit rent gouging — increases of 5% or more — in non-rent-controlled units

Work Regionally to Address Homelessness

  • Focus Berkeley efforts on rapid re-housing with services
  • Start a community conversation around the $12 million a year Berkeley already spends in direct services (not including police and ambulance services) and set explicit measurable goals for Berkeley
  • Work with neighboring cities, the County, and the State to establish an action plan for regional programs and financing for cities to work cooperatively 

Fix the Streets and Sidewalks

  • Prioritize the repaving of major streets and bike boulevards, like Channing, Milvia, and 6th Street
  • Implement pedestrian-safety improvements, protected bike lanes, and traffic-calming measures
  • Tax ride-sharing companies and long vacant storefront properties and use the money for street and sidewalk repaving

Keep Our Community Safe

  • Identify streets in the community that need better lighting and light them!
  • Build a robust and positive partnership with between the Police and the community, and fill vacancies to bring back bike and walking patrols
  • Ensure our public safety officials and first responders are well-equipped with the tools and infrastructure necessary to complete their duties
  • Strengthen disaster-preparedness and community-watch programs in our district
  • Provide positive options for youth in afterschool and summer programs

Keep Berkeley a Leader in the Fight for Climate Change

  • Implement and strengthen our existing Climate Action Plan to get us back on track to meeting our 2050 goal
  • Inventory our parks and public areas to see where we can replace lawns with native drought-tolerant plants and green infrastructure
  • Provide convenient electric-vehicle charging stations across the City and retrofit existing multifamily buildings to provide electric-charging stations for residents
  • Work with apartment owners to go solar and to upgrade existing tenants’ appliances & fixtures to reduce energy and water use
  • Connect our bike boulevards across major streets, and promote a robust system of transit choices to reduce traffic and move people away from solo car trips
  • Incentivize new residential and commercial buildings to be built to highest environmental standard and examine vertical planting installation

Support Parks, Arts, and Historical Preservation

  • Keep the Downtown a clean, safe, and kid-friendly with an abundance of public art and cultural events
  • Enhance our Downtown Arts and Culture District by restoring and making earthquake-safe our historical treasures like Old City Hall, and the Veterans Building